AINeuroCare is an educational platform for the next decade of clinical care


An education platform to discuss the future of care for all clinicians doctors nurses, advanced practice providers 


  • Current and significant upcoming shortage of physicians
  • With the advent of Digital health and Virtual Care clinicians will need to develop different skills web-side manner as compared to bed-side manner
  • Encourage physician to take entrepreneurship and leadership role in digital health (telehealth and AI in Healthcare)
  • Lack of Concise up to date practical working knowledge of Neurological Care


Junaid Kalia 

VP Clinical Strategy @ VeeMed | Telehealth Strategist & Consultant | AI in Healthcare | Neurocritical Care | Stroke | Epilepsy

“The next decade will define digital health; clinicians need to be prepared of it”- Junaid Kalia

The following slides are for your reference and personal use.